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that is something for them. >> i have seen tremendous games and their abilities to use their hands and all of that, to use their legs. the question is, will there be money to hire new conductive education teachers? for nine news now and wusa9.koápld. >>> this is that time of the year when every other day, theyed could have a thunderstorm. maybe every day. >> yes. >> they could have that thunderstorm in it. >> no doubt. you could put this on there just about every day and be covered. well it feels like a little tropical out there tonight. the humidity has gone up. you speak of the tropics, just looking in the weather office and something surprised me. we have not had one tropical storm or hurricane out there. yet this season. >> no name storms? >> we are almost into the middle of august. that is very unusual, yes. there is nothing on the horizon, at least nothing that i see that could possibly develop out there. >> you're not going to complain about that? >> no. just very unusual to go this far or this deep into the tropical season. and that is without any activities. we'll see if
wants her first name to be used and she is so shaken at what she found outside her apartment last week when she tossed her trash into the dumpster. >> i noticed that something was moving, but it was not coming out. all i saw was a lot of flies. i looked and there was a dog just breathing, like helpless, looking at me like help me. >> a young female pit bull had been tossed into the dumpster. her face so swollen with most of her battered body stuffed into a tightly wound plastic bag. the law enforcement officer was called to the apartment building on 9 street to pull her out of the dumpster where she had been left to die. >> she had chewed a hole in the bag to get her head free. >> she has a lot of swelling under here. >> the pit bull was given the name, trooper. >> whether or not it was a dog fight or she was attacked by dogs, she has pingture wounds all over her head and neck. >> residents of this private building tell me they are not allowed to have dogs. they are convinced that whatever happened to the pit bull that ended up in the garbage dumpster happened somewhere else. tr
than most of us were asked to endure. >> massachusetts governor said today that he supports a plan that would allow him to appoint someone to kennedy's now vacant seat for the five months that it takes to set up a special election. there are some signs that the plan may be weakening in the legislature. that could give supporters of health reform one more democratic vote when and if it ever comes to the senate floor. derrick, back to you. >> thank you so much for that. and we have much more on senator edward kennedy on our website, there you'll find a is slide show of his life, plus video of the kennedy tribute and the senator's speech at the 2008 democratic national convention. there's also written and video statements from president obama and other politicians about senator kennedy's passing and you'll find it all again on our website, perhaps you would like to share your thoughts about the passing of senator kennedy. we invite you to do that. send them to mcginty's mail bag. the address, >>> and topper shutt is here with that first foreca
. >> there is, actually. it will bring us a little bit of relief today. gary was on target. if you have to exercise, the woman who wanted to jog, that's fine. jog in the morning. s. ng at night, this time g 'sir ineng it's dangerous. t rina ghalright now. 90 in inrein es. bule rg . it's 99 dos wnelfes like 1002 quantico and -- 100 in quantico and well over 100 in fredericksburg. eat light meals, wear light clothing and drink a lot of water. we can't talk about that enough. record high today, 98 at national. we didn't hit it. the record high at dulles is 97. the old record was 96 in 2001. for tonight, partly cloudy, muggy, a few isolated storms possible. we'll come back and look at the doppler and talk about the temperatures. >>> you can blame the heat if you are waiting for someone to come home from the new brunswick lines. the maryland transit administration says there could be delays up to five and 15 minute ons the trains due to the heat. >>> and metro has ordered a safety standdown on most of its maintenance workers following the death last night of a 21- year veteran of the system.
a little bit. for us, partly cloudy and mild to keep our chance of an isolated thunderstorm in our forecast. 'ld-60s to mel weck co bad wean'lwemecockb live doppler 9,000. and we'll also, well, welcome ahead to the weekend, stkphaoerbg >> thank you. >>> and another football news, the cleveland browns, the wide receivers, they will play out there and no professional football this year. >> they announced that they will be suspended for the entire '09 football season without pay as a penalty for killing a man while driving under the influence. that man, the 59-year-old, they were trying to cross the freeway back in march when they hit him. and they pled guilty to manslaughter and served some time in jail. and they said that in a statement regardless of the punishments that they will carry the burden of their death for the rest of my life. so the question tonight, do you think that the punishment was fair, but more than that, why do we care so much about this? whether that is michael vick or them picking up a football again. our lives don't change. yet we're willing to debate that issue on ends
in the last two games. i want to see a sustained drive. i want to see us push it in when we get down to the three yard line. stay together, work hard, fight, literally fight to scrap for everything. >> reporter: the redskin and patriots kick off at 8:00. keep it here. starting at 7:30 we will bring you redskins tailgate. >>> i'm scott broom in portion county, a crisis that marred the first week of school here has still not been completely resolved. >> right now we're at 1,273 students who are, who are working an the clock to get their schedules done. >>> now anger from parents that revelations that school officials knew of the brewing crisis long before school started. >> we had some issues with the timing of the scheduling. >> reporter: chief technology officer wesley watts junior on thursday pointed to the $4.1 million computer system called school max. saying installation of the system caused delays in the scheduling process all the way back in may. then software glitches and patches ate up more time. schedules usually furnished in early august weren't done until the last minute.
. >> the state code says city owned property is tax exempt if it is used for governmental purposes. that's all part of the investigation. >> you evaluate those properties based on what is in the best interest of the public good today. i would say whatever arrangements we make would be opened to the public. they would be based on fair market value. >> i'm suray chin where acting chief took over the position of top cop 12 days ago in a swirl of controversy. the latest embarrassment involves two officers under investigation. chief cook would not confirm reports that allege one of the officers sexually assaulted a woman. in the past two weeks, a total of four employees with the alexandria police department have been arrested, including former chief, david baker on dui charges. in light of these issues, the acting chief is working hard to regain the trust and creditability. >> our public image, of course, is damaged somewhat when something like this happens. if you will, it is more of a strike to the agency and not a knockout. >>> and right now, president obama is at the podium at that fundraise
is hoping that the meeting will foster better relations between these two countries. the u.s. ties to egypt have become strained over to their human right's record. >>> and political columnists, a central figure in the leak scandal, they dieded today. he was diagnosed with the brain tumor last summer after striking a pedestrian downtown d.c. with their corvette and drove away. he passed away at his home here in d.c. with the wife of 47 years by their side. and he is a noted columnist and journalist for many years, 78 years old. >>> a shopkeeper had a startling beginning to his day, finding a body in the pizza joint. the body was found inside this pizza mark on the 2300 lock of forth street in northeast. right now, police, they would only tell us that the body is that of the adult male i should say. they were working to identify and determine how the man died. >>> a local nonprofit was damaged over the week. vandals, they broke into the life pieces to masters pieces northeast. helping them get their life skills together. because of this program that is based around art, the vandals were able
. they looked to the left all the moisture streaming up into florida and e ththsoutheast u.s that will get edhook uhoth oured d cold front. and we'll come back and we'll talk about just how much rain we're going to expect tomorrow. what that means for the redskins game and also what that means for the rest of the weekend coming up. >>> at articlington national -- arlington national cemetery where they are preparing to last out there for them at the kennedy brothers. senator edwards kennedy will be out there just below national cemetery. >> that is just a few steps away from both of the assassinated brothers. the internal flames, essentially john kennedy, they were just below the grave of senator robert kennedy who was assassinated while running for president. they want to remember them that the brothers, they are all together. >> no matter if you believe in the politics or you don't. this is a family that truly cares about the united states and did all they could for the citizens. >> we're still awaiting word for them and the motorcade route, it's a good thing for them to come down into t
haven't been more aggressive with the insurance groups that have been out there using tactics and the big-lie campaigns like the big buy about the so-called panels that have no basis and facts. >> even children would be involved. >> i'm an 11-year-old from hagerstown, maryland. i have five grandparents, so this issue applies a lot to me. say my dad and grandfather came down with cancer. would my dad get priority care because he is younger and can contribute longer to society? [ applause ] >> good question. in today's system, there are different degraciouses of care as a result as to what healthcare care you can be in. there are different coverage levels. there will be and not be any dediscrimination as to access to care. >> while those 400 plus were shouting inside, 500 more were outside the college theater. no violence, just loud talking. >> i think everybody should have healthcare. however we pay for it, i don't think we should ever have a situation where somebody says, i'm sick, i need care and i don't have the money. i think that is absolutely immoral. >> my father a
peaceful driveway, despite a neighborhood covenant that forbids commercial use. >> we pay property taxes on all of that land that is completely advertised and use for commercial use. >> reporter: the barnes say they have signatures of 71 homeowners in the immediate neighborhood who oppose the optometrist business but they say the town ignored the list and the neighborhood covenant and granted the optometrist an exception. >> neither optometrist or the town attorney returned our call. >>> i'm audrey barnes. a summer vacation came to an abrupt halt for students in frederick, spotsylvania and prince georges county. dc students went back to school today, too but not without controversy for students here at boroughs elementary. >> it is a hasty decision made by the powers to be to try to squeeze a six-week project in to 2 1/2 week period. >> reporter: pta president were concerned that last-minute repairs jeopardized air quality. not so says dc school chancellor michelle rhee. >> we have several air quality tests. >> reporter: students and parents returning to school today liked what they saw.
chief pleaded guilty to drunk driving and was sentenced to five days in jail and fined $300. >> used bad judgment, drank too much. got behind the wheel of a car and paid what i think is a disproportionate price for it. >> reporter: the form chief ducked cameras at the arlington courthouse but put out a written statement in which he said he will be forever haunted by personal embarrassment and humiliation. he repeated his apology to the woman he hit, who suffered whiplash and had to be rushed to the hospital. >> i'm nine sports director brett haber. the eagles get an immensely talented player and the pr headache and stigma that will follow michael vick for the rest of his career. he thanked his new team for offering him a second chance to play football and vowed to make them look wise for doing so. >> i'm just blessed to have the opportunity to be able to be with this organization. my goal is to come back and get acclimated and whatever coach reid says, that's what i do. i'm here to contribute. >> reporter: redskins fans won have to wait long to see vick in person. the eagles play at fede
removed the sod that was used to form the graffiti. >> i think it's horrible and they should be held responsible for their actions. >> in addition to their criminal cases, the students could face disciplinary action within the school system itself. >>> i'm audrey barnes. for a second day, hundreds of students showed up at various high schools and they still don't have schedules. school officials blame a computer glitch. >>> john brought a book to bowie high school so his son would have something to do. >> i don't understand at 43 in one room doing nothing since yesterday and today. it is very frustrating. >> they split the max on notice. >> but that obviously is unacceptable and inexcusable and we are hoping to get it resolved as soon as possible. >> the president has an idea for next year. >> these schedules need to be mailed out during the summertime. that way if there's a conflict with their schedule, they can move forward and get that change before the first day of school. >> i'm scott broome in annapolis where the governor has announced another round of budget slashes, in
, a little thunder in our future to cool us off. the first forecast. pretty hot tonight. better than our 97 last monday. we're looking at the heat to continue. now, let me start with the e itll ur you,its what we'll owsh m.g tor and this is hurricane bill. for in the lower position is yore enth itd an 'sscreen this. and it's gotog in miss barbados. it'll miss out there and san juan. but it'll p-bg a category -- but it'll become a category three out here to the northeast. that is the center right here, 93 miles per hour. but noticed by the time we get into wednesday, and it is a category three. which means that winds will be over 111 miles per hour holding together the category three. we get into friday and or saturday. it'll pass between bermuda and the east coast of the united states. this is a big out roll t here a determine really where it goes. here is a different view to get a look at how they come out here on friday and saturday. now take that track, it's going to miss us, but it will ugis ve g the bisurf at the shore and e so perhaps some gusty winds keep you posted. for tonight, pa
unacceptable to us in this community for this to happen. >> reporter: gabrielle was found in baltimore. a group calling itself recycled love has agreed to temporarily adopt the cat and pay for the veterinary care. vehicles were torched in white plains. look at the sky 9 video of the scene at the charles county auto air on. the blaze spread to five other cars. investigators say the neon was a repo. nobody arrested but the fire marshals office says they have several leads. >>> a former miss maryland pleads guilty to obstruction of justice. tia shorts will be sentenced in montgomery county. she is charged with possession and distribution of cocaine and drug possession. >>> a federal appeals court has upheld moment's conviction. you in the him, he was sentenced to death in 2003. and he and his accomplice were convicted of killing ten people in 2002 in the sniper case. malvo was sentenced to life. >>> if you thought the dc gun battle was gone done you were wrong. it is back in court. time allen is challenging regulations prohibiting gun owners from carrying their weapons in the nation's capital. it
to put together a plan to have adequate water pressure here to fight a fire, not using our hydrants. >> i'm surae chinn in richmond where a special session is being overshadowed by lawmakers dealing with major budget cuts. instead the focus of lawmakers a $1.5 billion shortfall. >> there won't be anything in state government that at least won't get analyzed. >> government job losses? >> it is likely there will be more. >> reporter: governor tim kaine made the official announcement today at the joint finance committee's meeting at the state capitol. he says the state's estimated revenue is down by nearly 1.5 billion for the two-year budget that ends in june. >> we are starting to make reductions that will not be easy at all and will mean some change in the level of services. >> the significance here isn't just the $1.5 billion, it comes right after a $3 billion shortfall in the last session we were dealing with. >> it is bounds to help the republicans. >> i'm audrey barnes. prince george's county fire an police departments aren't exactly celebrating a judge's decision declaring furloughs
through here tomorrow night. potentially giving us severe weather. >>> it sure was great while it lasted, but we are learning tonight that the government's cash for clunkers program is about to end. in fact, it's done. the $3 billion program offers car buyers a rebate. when they trade in their old gas guzzlers for a more fuel efficient model. the program has been a big hit with dealers and buyers. it is estimated $450,000 brand- new vehicles have been sold over cash for clunkers. >>> insects on the attack once again in rock creek park. 9 children and an adult was stung near the same area where more than a dozen people were attacked last week. the children were taking part in a day camp trip. >>> and a feud over a vegetable garden turns violent in charles county. police say it all started when 52-year-old anthony henderson tried to run over his neighbor sula . staynd ap hned in the 1400 block ma llofapdrrs ive hain the ivsm . lice say ro police say atth ignehb ororcam henderson on the wrist. henderson is charged with first- degree assault and charges are pending against that unidentified
, legislaturing this year. he was going to use it as a blueprint should he be elected in november. >> you bet your life that the deeds campaign is going to comb through his voting record and his record as attorney general and show that in fact, a lot of the things he now talks about were indeed supported by his voting and by his records. in just saying i don't agree with my thesis won't wash. >> reporter: another political scientists sees things differently. his thesis is no game changer. >> people who suspected that bob mcdonald had views like this are now confirmed. his career in the state legislature indicate that these are his views. >> reporter: dismissing it as an academic exercise from long ago and noing listen e believes -- no longer believes much of what he wrote then. go to if you would like to read that thesis. >>> prosecutors are rejecting claims by the baltimore mayor that they abused the process. claiming maryland state prosecutors, they improperly issued subpoenas to gather evidence for the trial. scott broom has the story from the montgomery police headquarters. >> police
'm shocked that a station on the neighboring station, close to us, such as capitol heights, they would lose the career staffing. because we don't have all of them. >> when you already have the staffing problems at the heats, why would you remove the staffing at capitol heights? >> because there are other nearby stations to add wetly koáf that area -- adequately cover that area. >> the county fire department, they are in strong disagreement over what impact the staffing issue had when the boulevard heights station, they caught fire this morning. >> i'm not happy at all. that means there's something that we're not doing and we're not able to serve the citizens in the community that we volunteer to protect. >> well, the district, they are about to get another 50 police officers, walking the beach. it's a part of the federal grant for the communities, the oriented policing. and the marriage and out there, police chief, they made that announcement this morning when they kicked off the city's all hands on deck event. >> we do know that for them at the end of the summer, that crime, they typicall
for us because i had no idea what we were going to do. >> reporter: the benefactors turned out to be chairman of the taxi cab commission and the d f chai oanthe neighborhood advisory they approached mcloughlin's o thco goey approached mcloughlin's needd atti a an d goedat a price of $5,000 for ice the services. >> the $5,000 was covering the funeral, the cremation, another -- >> what about a hearse? >> it was coffering the hearse also. >> reporter: they and the family latne arled after the ar services at matthews memorial church and the crematio n th teloecotin funeral home lland her $6,000 from the city's crime victims compensation program. >> we believe maybe they charged double for one funeral. and should actually give the money back. >> we're talking about $11,000. >> repoere rtane vicrimctviims program is run by imthe superio a urt. t.letter to james perkins parents confirms that $6,000 had been paid on their behalf to mcloughlin's funeral home. >> people don't have enough respect for people who are grieving and going threw a lot of stuff. >> reporter: we're awaiting comm
. these are the correspondents for them joining us now with the virtual details, lindsay? >> well, it's called augmented reality. and it means when you walk down the streets, people, they will be able to see your personal information. >> walk into a room with people that you have never met. hold up your cell phone, and you can see their names. the titles, even their hobbies. and this is just one example of the augmented reality. >> you'll be able to walk down a normal city street and be able to actually see true real world, real time information about the people around you as well as the people that are out there, 1,000 miles away. >> they say that it is like having access to your computer all the time. you are very true on what it is like to be a soldier and battle today. >> but it doesn't stop there. they will soon be able to wear cameras and get even more information. >> we are now building smaller and much more powerful projectors that can be worn or, well, embedded into the clothing, or embedded into objects that are portable. center that means that in the future, you can make a phone call from the palm of
the water used by the team and the food, there was a team breakfast. the county will be called in and the sheriffs office will help too but there is no suspicion of a prank or anything illegal. >>> a montgomery county police officer has been charged with perjury for testimony she gave about this arrest for drunk driving. although this video shows officer deena hoffman finding the defendant in the rear of the car on the passenger's side, apparently asleep she testified he was in the front behind the wheel. repeatedly given the chance to change her testimony she did not. the man was charged with drunk driving. when the judge saw the video, he dropped the charges, hoffman is on leave pending her own trial. >> that was gary noneberg reporting. >>> huge crowds are likely to hit the show rooms this weekend trying to snap up the cash for the clunkers before the program ends on monday night. one group you figure would be happy about the $3 billion bailout is instead decidely ambivalent about it. auto recyclers. say they are not sure they will make much money turning the old junkers in
about those of us living in condos or apartments? does the owner's association pay the cost to set up power boxes in the parking lot and add it to the maintenance fee or rent? do those with gasoline vehicles subsidize the bills? way too many unexpected consequences. let's rename that clunker, the dolt. well jerry, while it is hard to be impressed with the car's expected $40,000 range. it is a start. in five years, they will be half the money and drive five times as far. now on to the question i asked yesterday about the poll that most americans still think a man -- marie in dc has a problem with that. i think it should be a woman's choice to take a man's last name. i wouldn't give up mine for anything. also for a man to take a woman's last name, that doesn't make him less of a man. okay, and for jonathan, it already does. he says he changed his last name to his wife's last name and he didn't for a lot of reasons. my last name was the version of the family name. her name line would end because there are only women born this generation and taking her last name would continue the family
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23